1. Attach the clamps to wheelchair frame.
  2. Pull off the safety pin.
  3. Push the handle bar so that front caster is lifted up.


  1. Battery ‘ON’
  2. Move forward : push down the throttle
  3. Move backward : push the F/R button and push the throttle
  4. Stop or reduce the speed : grab the brake lever
  5. Keep the speed : push the cruise control button when you get the speed you want.
  6. Battery ‘OFF’


  1. Turn safety pin to be lined with notch
  2. Push the release lever so that the front caster goes down.
  3. Detach the clamps from the wheelchair.

Loading to Vehicle

  1. Separate the battery and load to vehicle first
  2. Separate the main body(motor part) and load to vehicle
  3. Separate the connecting frame and load to vehicle
February 02, 2023