Freedom of Movement

The Mobility Rights of the Disable and Mobility-Impaired

HARRIDE Makes It Possible.

What is generally thought to be difficult to do with a manual wheelchair,Easy to navigate bumpy roads Take a leisurely stroll in the park, go on an overseas trip, traveling alone without parental assistance, climbing hills.

Compact Size

When storing the product indoors with its compact size, it does not take up much space and can be attached to the front of a wheelchair while riding in an elevator. Separation into three parts: Easy handling of the product by one person by distributing the weight. It can be separated into battery/motor part/frame, so users can handle it by themselves, and it does not take up much space when loading in the house.

It can also be detached into three parts and carried in the trunk of a compact car.


Easy to load into vehicle

The parts can be removed and placed in the trunk of a car. Doesn't take up much space.

Attachable to Any Activity Wheelchair

Tell a story, The angle and width can be easily adjusted, so it can be attached to various types of wheelchairs.(Irrespective of the shape of the wheelchair frame / Frame thickness Ø17- Ø40 available) However, wheelchairs with detachable or rotating footrests or hospital wheelchairs cannot be attached for safety reasons. a product detail, or describe a new promotion.

“We believe in two things: the pursuit of quality in everything we do, and looking after one another. Everything else should take care of itself.”

Founder Harry Kim (Chiarman)