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Made What I Want.

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The Story of an Inventor Kim Harry…

In 2000, I was injured in a traffic accident and started living in a wheelchair. At first, I used my academic and working experience to continue my business while undertaking research work on auto parts. In 2010, a Japanese company showed me a prototype of an electric handbike for wheelchairs.

Dedicate to Moving for Disabled

An electric handbike can be a means of transportation equivalent to a walking leg, and is a "light of hope" in a limited life. We are working to provide “freedom of movement” for people with walking disabilities so that they can easily go outside.

Organic growth

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“父親のHarry Kim が開発した電動ハンドバイクとそのビジネスで繋がったブランドの製品を父と同じ境遇になっている方々に安心して使ってもらうことが私の使命です”

Para-Sol Ltd., Co. CEO Dayong Kim