Quokka Cup holder


By Quokka

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Vehicle handle auxiliary handle for people with hand injuries and disabilities
Easily control the steering wheel with one hand.

(short discription - refer to kivi documnet/haride basedata document)

Must have adapter to use after first purchase


- become to be unavailable

- cutting / damage part

- 1-year a/s (inspection, repair) and warranty coverage


- in case of transfer

- in case of remove

Free removal when installing a new product
100,000 won for removal only

- in case of extra payment


Refund is not possible when the installation is completed (exceptions exist, but a simple change of mind cannot be refunded)

Who needs Cup holder?

Who has difficulty using the right accelerator pedal

A person with a disease or disability in his right leg

People who have difficulty using the right accelerator for a long time

water proof & strong

Easy to steer by one hand

Lock system

Strong Enginnering Plastic

a simple exterior


Easy to install (by yourself) in 5 minutes

You can change the product

installation guide

어댑터 설치 방법



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