Quokka Vertical Bag


By Quokka

delivery in 1 day

Auxiliaries for people with right leg injuries and lower extremity disabilities that can operate Excel with their left feet.

(short discription - refer to kivi documnet/haride basedata document)

Installation required at our premises
(location guidance required, we currently have 2 workplace, and it will increase)


- become to be unavailable

- cutting / damage part

- 1-year a/s (inspection, repair) and warranty coverage


- in case of transfer

- in case of remove

Free removal when installing a new product
100,000 won for removal only

- in case of extra payment

Car Delivery



V 투박한 디자인
V장거리 운행시 어깨 아픔

3 Check Point

Comfortable Driving

Safe Car Sharing

Stylish Design


Datail 1

Easy to operate with finger

The accelerator operates by pushing or pulling the ring attached to the back of the handle with your finger.

detail 2


Even people with leg stiffness can use it safely.

detail 3

Good exterior

Makes your car look stylish.

detail 4

Customize accel responsiveness

You can set the accelerator sensitivity to suit your driving habits.

detail 5

Driver training

After product installation, driver training is provided along with test drive.

detail 5

Driver training

After product installation, driver training is provided along with test drive.

How to work..

Pulling the ring forward or pushing it back operates the accelerator.


✔ Installation takes approximately 3-4 days.

✔ This product cannot be installed on-site.

✔ For reasons such as insurance and driver training, we do not provide vehicle loading and unloading services.

✔ There is wiring involved and installation may not be possible if your vehicle has knee airbags or power steering.

✔ Imported car models are difficult to install.

✔ For safe use, we recommend that actual drivers receive driving training.

✔ Even if the model is on the list of vehicles that can be installed, our factory may determine that installation is not possible after checking the actual vehicle.

✔ Because it is a custom installation for each vehicle, exchanges and refunds are not possible.


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Be sure to check the installable vehicle. Installable vehicles can be found below.